Top-Rated Attractions To Visit In Stockholm With Qatar Airways


Stockholm is famously called the Venice of the North. It is the capital of Sweden and has 14 islands, all of which are attractive and fascinating. The charm of the city is reflected in the mixing of water with the land. The highly complex waterways that encompass the city are worth watching. The heritage museums, remains of ancient cities, and the tranquil landscapes are the things that entice the visitors for Swedish capital.

Stockholm is suited for all kinds of visitors. From the architecture and history lovers to the thrill seekers and explorers, everyone is welcomed to this magical city. Stockholm knows how to make your holidays unforgettable and memorable. Though there are countless places to visit in the city, we will take you to only those that are top-rated and unrivaled. We advise you to prefer Qatar Airways Flights to reach Stockholm as this airline offers best packages for the passengers.

1.     Skansen

Skansen was the first ever open air museum, founded in 1891. Its idea was conceived by the visionary academic and teacher Artur Hazelius. The main purpose for its development was to tell the future generations about the life in the country before the Industrial Age. It is believed that hundreds of museums have borrowed the belongings of Skansen. It has been over 100 years since its development, and Skansen is still the epitome of class and splendor. The museum occupies an area of 30 hectares, in which the rural lifestyle of the country is illustrated. Amazingly, you will also find an open-air zoo here.

2.     Royal National City Park

This mysterious park is the first national park that is developed at the center of the city. Its length is about six miles, and it engulfs the city like an arc. Its thick and lush greenery has attracted several species of animals including hares, deer, and foxes. In addition, you can also enjoy and have fun at the nearby theatres, amusement parks, and the museums. Roaming about in the place will make you feel as if you are walking in a city-like jungle. So, if you are a nature lover with an inclination towards breathtaking scenery, this place is waiting for you.

3.     Royal Palace

With more than 600 rooms, this palace is considered as one of the largest palaces in entire Europe. This palace was built in 18th century, and there are about five museums in this spacious complex. Each of the museums depicts a unique kind of art.  The palace has been serving as the primary residence of the royal family. The incumbent king also lives here. Moreover, all the royal parties, receptions, and the feasts are also conducted at this palace. If you ever visit this glamorous structure, never forget to witness the apartments, halls, and the reception rooms.

4.     Moderna Museet

It is the place where you can watch the continent’s most glamorous collection of arts. It displays the works of famous artists including Picasso, Matisse, and Dali. From traditional stuff to the contemporary art, this museum displays everything. The sculptures, drawings, prints, and the artifacts have the potential to leave anyone spellbound. The place also offers several types of exhibition where the art lovers take part and show off their skills. If you are a book lover, the museum also hosts a library from where you can read a wide variety of books.

5.     The Globe

This huge spherical building is situated on the southern periphery of Stockholm. From the top, you will be able to witness the dazzling skyline of the city. It is one of the famous landmarks of Stockholm where you can create unforgettable and long-lasting memories. Its top is about 130 meters above the sea level, and it will give you the mesmerizing views of the entire city. There are also various boat tours that will take you to the exciting tour along the shore. The restaurants and the souvenir shops here can be visited after taking the trip. If you want to get Cheap Flights Tickets to come to Sweden, you should book the flights in advance.

6.     Gamla Stan

This old town dates back to the 12th century. It has lots of exciting sties, shops, cafes, and the restaurants. Generally, when people come in Stockholm, they start their journey by exploring this magical town. It is the best place to absorb the cultural tradition of Sweden. The small houses of medieval times and their attractive architecture will compel you to never leave this place. The picturesque facades that obscure the streets and vaults are sure to overwhelm you. At the end of your tour, you can watch the changing guard ceremony.


The journey to Stockholm will be an overwhelming experience. Apart from witnessing the attractive spots, you will also learn the cultural traditions of Sweden. So don’t wait, and get ready to hit the grounds of Stockholm with Faremakers.

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