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Most people know Tunisia only as a beach destination. However, the country has much more surprises than only the simple beaches. There are a number tourist attractions and things to do in Tunisia that you will be spoilt for choices. Its sandy shores and the mammoth ancient ruins are enough to dazzle your eyes. Similarly, the history of Arab Empires is also depicted at this place.

People who want to visit Tunisia have lots of questions in their minds. Some of them might be interested in the culture of country, whereas others are interested in knowing the best places to visit. In our today’s piece, we have come up with top-rated attractions in Tunisia where you can go with Emirates Airline Deals. Let’s get started.

1.     Grand Erg Oriental

Much of the country’s interior is covered by the vast Sahara desert. In the entire desert, the most beautiful area is Grand Erg Oriental, which is full of sand dunes. These dunes depict an overwhelming feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. The landscape of the dunes is not only gorgeous, but it also gives the visitors a surreal experience. It is believed that these desert sands are ever-shifting. If you are an adventurous, you can enjoy riding buggies and camel treks. However, nothing can be compared with the joy of sitting atop the dunes and watching the sun set.

2.     Hammamet

This place was once a small fishing village and was surrounded by the lemon groves. However, it is now a bustling resort filled with the hotels of several kinds. Owing to its warm waters and fine beaches, the place is perfect for water sports. Its narrow alleyways are sure to give you an overwhelming feeling. In addition, you will also find lots of traditional town here, which are inhabited by simple people. It is among those places of Tunisia where the tourists can experience the serenity and the calm of the country. You should certainly come here to inspect the traditional style of the country.

3.     El Djem Amphitheatre

Amphitheatre is a place where people used to fight in the bygone era. Only those persons were winners who would kill their opponents. The stature of surrounding town is eclipsed by the walls of mighty El Djem. This place in Tunisia is an important sightseeing place for the locals and foreigners alike. It has been well-preserved, and it really illustrates the impressiveness of old days. The structure will remind you how strong the grip of the Rome was on North Africa. Just like the gladiators, you can still walk inside the arena. Moreover, you can also climb to the top seating area, to imagine how the battles might have taken place here.

4.     Houmt Souk

Houmt Souk is undoubtedly a jewel in the Crown of Djerba Island. It has a number of tall domes, which were built in the 14th and 15th century to protect the harbor below. Throughout the years, all the dynasties and kingdom tried to build forts here because of the important tactical position of the area. It believed that every grain of this souk oozes out the historical perspectives. As you move towards old town, you will also come across the traditional quarters of medieval merchants. The Turkish-style mosques, colorful markets, and the lively houses are revered by everyone. Booking Cheap Flight Tickets for Tunis will resolve all of your travel-related problems as you will have a lot of time to manage your tasks.

5.     Carthage

Carthage is the memorial that has assembled the memories of wars. The ruins of this atmospheric town sit beside the sea, and the visitors come to the suburbs of the country to get nostalgic about the history of Tunis. Its ruins testify that even the most magnificent places can be reduced to rubble. The ancient ruins have been spread throughout the town, and if you have already visited the ancient sites of Turkey and Morocco, then Carthage might look underwhelming. Surprisingly, UNESCO has listed these remnants among its World Heritage Sites. So, if you are interested in the past of North Africa, these ruins are must-visit.

6.     Sousse

The memories of terrible terrorists of 2015 are still fresh in the hearts of the residents of Sousse. At present, the area does not flaunt about its beauties. However, it does not mean that there are no beauties at all here. There is also a Great Mosque, which attracts people of every kind here. In addition, there are always colorful souks and the gorgeous beaches that shine with the blue lights. The views from the rooftops are not only amazing but also breathtaking. The green plants that are nestled with the buildings magnify the beauty of Sousse.


These heavenly spots of Tunis will make you fall in love with this country all over again. If you have made up your mind to come here, you can visit to book the flight tickets online.

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