US to spend $1.25m on Superhero cartoon series for Pakistan
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US to spend $1.25m on Superhero cartoon series for Pakistan

US to spend $1.25m on Superhero cartoon series for Pakistan, they create an animated superhero cartoon, who teaches the importance of certain aspects of life “living a healthy drug-free lifestyle, and also “women’s empowerment” for kids in Pakistan”. The grants are being issued by (INL) International Narcotics and Law-Enforcement Affairs for two seasons TV shows of this superhero series of cartoon as to promote and develop stability and security in Pakistan. INL grant however, target audience ages between 14 to 25 youth. According to INL, youth requires to be guided and informed to ensure a better and promising future.

Agency said “This animated superhero cartoon series would notify or inform, educate and most important is that and positively influence Pakistan youth in an entertaining and engaging style and manner”.

“The series will include or incorporate social messaging that reinforces INL goals, like, counternarcotics, equality of gender, in civil society the role of police, a fair criminal justice system, religious tolerance, anti-corruption, and other topics that support or promote security stability in civil society.”

This mission to produce two 13-episode seasons of the animated cartoon series will receive $1,250,000 amount, each episode of this series will be 11 minutes long. This series will on air on public TV in Pakistan and it will also be advertised on social media, statement delivered from agency.

The show will try or attempt to present “positive messages” on the subject of gender equality, anti-corruption and the role of police in society. The show will also cover other topics in this superhero animated cartoon. The promotion of non-violence in conflicts, and the “women’s empowerment” and also covers many other important things.

The State Department said the mission of the INL is to decrease the impact of international crime and illegal drugs on the US, its citizens and partner nations by giving useful foreign assistance and fostering global cooperation. Agency Further mentioned it hopes that superhero series of cartoon will appeal to teenagers in Pakistan and convince them to not join terrorist organization.

Due to the influence terrorist actions worldwide, educating new generations is need of the hour because young minds are immature can easily be played around with. Recently we have faced many terrorist attacks that were carried out by very young boys, it was happen because young age boys are immature and their mind easily divert to any side, the agency anticipates that the superhero animated cartoon will serves as a guide for the youth of Pakistan.

“The lack of access to education and low literacy ratios coupled with extremist factors and violence, make youngster susceptible to negative influences like drug use, falling prey to extremist groups, corruption and crime.” the State Department said.

“If youth are exposed to character that models socially positive attitudes and values, then they are more possibly to adopt those values and behaviors, crafting it less likely that they accept or develop extreme ideological views.” Agency further added.

It is still not decided or confirmed if the superhero will be a boy or girl but the most interesting thing about this animated character is that it will be “portrayed as a positive character or role model for Pakistani youth”.

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