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Punjab is the most populous province in Pakistan. It has big cities, and the life here is full of commotion. Though most of the people head to the northern areas of Pakistan to spend their holidays with Cheap Serene Air online booking, there are some enthusiasts who consider the places of Punjab their ultimate destination. They travel to historical cities to add a traditional flavor to their journey and indeed, the ambience of Punjab never betrays their expectations.

The biggest province in Pakistan has something for everyone. History lovers can explore the Mughal architecture at Lahore, whereas the curios souls can visit the Khewra Salt Mines in Jhelum. Here, we have brought six stunning places in Punjab where they can create unforgettable memories. Let’s start our journey.

Katas Raj Temple

Located only 16 km from Kallar Kahar, the Katas Raj Temple is unquestionably a top attraction in the region of Punjab. It lies in the vicinity of Chakwal district. This place has distinct attractions because of the seven ancient temples that it hosts. The oldest temple was built in the 6th century A.D. Apart from hosting ancient temples, the place also has some renovated temple complexes that were built in the late 18th and 19th century. Generally, the area is visited by the Hindu community, whose people pay tribute to their religious figures. The temples also entail a holy pond, which is highly sacred for the Hindus.

Wazir Khan Mosque

Since the official religion of the country is Islam, you will see plenty of in the urban and rural areas of Punjab. In addition, as the Mughal Emperors were also Muslims, they had built a number of stunning mosques, which depicted the true essence of the Islam. Masjid Wazir Khan is one such mosque that illustrates the magnificence of the engineering. The mosque is considered to be the most ornately decorated mosque, with elegant calligraphy and tile work. The mosque has seen various episodes of renovation since 2009 under the direction of Government of Punjab. If you are from Karachi, you can visit this mosque by booking Karachi to Lahore Cheap flights in advance.

Khewra Salt Mine

Khewra Salt Mines are popular not only among the residents of Punjab but also the citizens of other regions. It is located in Jhelum, and is believed to be the 2nd largest salt mine in the world. Lahore, the capital of Punjab, is about 245 kilometres away from this amazing place. You will be amazed to know that the mine is at an elevation of 288m from the sea level. The mine is well-known for its production of pink salt, which is a staple in almost all households in Pakistan. The trading at this mine was started during the Mughal era.

Shalimar Gardens

Shalimar Gardens are another legacy of the Mughal Era. These beautiful gardens are located in Lahore; they city which is famous for historical monuments and parks. As you go inside the gardens, you will feel as if you have come in the times of the ancient kings. Its design and the intricate shape depict the grandeur of Mughal architecture. These gardens were built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, who was attracted to the nature and its beauty. They were developed to illustrate the utopian lifestyle in which the people of different cultures would coexist and live together happily.

Noor Mahal

Noor Mahal is a famous architecture in Bahawalpur. This place is also sometimes referred to as Noor Palace. The royal palace is about 150 years old and depicts the glory and grandeur of the kings. Most of its elegant and precious belongings had been sold and smuggled out by 1999. So, to protect this national heritage, the Pakistan Army took control of the palace in a bid to restore it. In 2001, the palace was officially declared the protected monument of the country. It is believed that the Nawab Subah Sadiq IV had developed the palace in the memory of his late wife.

Rohtas Fort

It is another fort to allure and dazzle you. It is located on the Grand Trunk Road and offers a remarkable historical value. The fort was built in 16th century by the Afghan King Sher Shah Suri. It took 8 years in its completion. Currently, the fort has a circumference of 4km and is surrounded by the huge swathes of green. Rohtas Fort is also known for its huge walls and the monumental gateways. In 1997, UNESCO added it to the list of the World Heritage Sites and termed it a perfect example of the Muslims military architecture. You can easily travel Rohtas Fort without any disturbance.


You cannot really term yourself as a tourist if you have not endured the magical vibe of Punjab. It is important to visit all the places mentioned in this piece at least once in your life. So, visit and get ready to embark on a journey of exploring Punjab.

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