Wall of Kindness-Deewar-e-Mehrbani
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Wall of Kindness -Deewar-e-Mehrbani

A small step that brings the greatest change in the society this is correctly proved “Wall of kindness-Deewar-e-Mehrbani”. This is a small act of kindness but its output is amazing and it brings the greatest change in the society. In this world a lot of people who are spending their lives under poverty and they are spending very tough life even some of them haven’t money to buy food. Some of them haven’t cloth to wear. Some of them haven’t shelter to rest at night. Many people are haven’t home. In this situation a little bit help for them brings happiness for them. Wall of kindness is also a small step for those who need it and this wall of kindness will prove a great mission for that people who deserve for this help.

History of Wall of kindness

The concept of Wall of kindness adopted from the Iran. In Iran this idea has initially started to serve the homeless and needy people. This great idea was given by an unknown person of Iran. The person is unknown but the idea is great and useful for the needy people. Related to this concept another idea is spreading in the Tehran and other cities to open fridges. For poor children bookshelves are also in this kindness.

history of wall of kindness

Wall of Kindness in Pakistan

In Pakistan this concept is spreading very fast. It is a surprise that this good concept is adopting here. It is spreading very fast due to social media because the user of social media is in high quantity. The idea of wall of kindness enters in Pakistan from Iran and it is moving to the city to city and due to its goodness it will move another country very soon. The main purpose to the wall of kindness is to help the needy and poor people. This project is become the successful project due to its goodness and many people are participating in this project by heart. The people come and hang their things like clothes, jackets, boots or anything which is essential or they could easily donate. The person who need warm clothes can take it easily from wall of kindness without paying any amount. This wall of kindness demands only one thing from everyone who is spending a normal life that donate those things which is present in your house and you are not using it, Not essential that only donate your access item you can also donate whatever you can afford.

In Pakistan the wall of kindness has been setup in Peshawar, Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Bannu and also going to move more cities of Pakistan. This small but great step is going to its right direction and we should appreciate and support this wall of kindness. In Pakistan a lot of people who couldn’t afford to buy things which is commonly use in the daily life this wall of kinds help them to have such kinds of things which is essential for them. Being a Pakistani we should adopt this wall of kindness and help those people who really need it. If we have something that is extra for us we should donate it. The wall of kindness has a great slogan that: “If you do not need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.

We should try to do good things it is the need of the time to spread the love and happiness and share the sorrow by helping them and make this world beautiful.

In the last but not the least I want to say that don’t wait for the right time don’t wait for the person who start right work don’t wait for the big opportunity for any work, you just take one right single step and help the other who needs your help it will give you real happiness and satisfaction. Help others it will comfort your mind and soul. You feel internal satisfaction and internal satisfaction is the greatest treasure in this world for any person. Do well and have well.

wall of kindness in pakistan


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