War in North and Problem of Pakistan

War in North and Problem of Pakistan

War in North and Problem of Pakistan

The constitution of Pakistan states, Loyalty to the state is basic duty of every citizen. Article 5(i)

Obedience to the Constitution and law is the inviolable obligation of every citizen wherever he may be and of every other person for the time being within Pakistan. Article 5(ii)

Terrorism is the biggest threat that Pakistan is now faced with. Our nation lost thousands of countrymen either civilians or soldiers of our armed forces. Pakistan’s economy also badly affected by this wave of terrorism. According to very initial and rough estimates, the losses incurred by different sector of Pakistan’s economy in the last 12 year might go to close 100 billion $ and in returns Pakistan has so far received only 10 billion $ in shape of Collision Support Fund and 15 billion $  through other official channels.

As I mention the Articles 5(i) and 5(ii) of the constitution of Pakistan which state that, everyone has to follow the law and constitution. PAKISTANI Nation will support dialogue with TTP (Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan) if and only if, when they accept the constitution of Pakistan. Govt. of Pakistan has full support of the parliament. We believe that it is an opportune time for government to take an initiative for the peace and show zero tolerance for those who are violating our constitution and spreading hate among the people of Pakistan on the bases of religion and sects.

As a Pakistani I think we should support each and every step for peace. I think that government should make sure that they will not compromise with the constitution and law and government should take measures for the consensus building among all provinces and other units. Article 4 of the constitution states that it’s a responsibility of government to give security to every citizen. So the government should work on prosecution system specially they should work for the reforms in police department which is failed to delivered and people of Pakistan do not trust them.

A political party in Pakistan (MQM) draft “Deweaponization of Pakistan Bill 2011” in national assembly. Parliament should have a debate on this Bill and this should be pass because when Pakistan will be deweaponized, terrorism and crimes will control. We need meaningful changes in our prosecution system to ensure justice and punishment for the people who are involved in terrorism. Investigation agencies and law enforcement agencies should be independent from political interruptions.

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