WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram went down
Instagram went down Technologies

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram went down

Three of the biggest and most popular online services have stopped today, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram went down and not working properly, the users of social media are facing this problem many parts of the world. Social media users were experiencing this issue on Wednesday. As we know that WhatsApp become essential media and most popular source to easily communicate through the messages in the world. WhatsApp also considered favorite choice for the experts because of most secure way to connect with any person.

WhatsApp users are reporting that their messages are not forwarding, in many cases they are unable to receive or download any media files including voice messages, images, and videos in their chats. At the same time another famous social media app Facebook and Instagram too went down and suffering from the same issue. The social media users want to know the reason that why WhatsApp, Facebook. Instagram went down? The officials of these Apps neither Facebook nor WhatsApp said anything about these issues.

According to the reports, users of these apps are facing specific problems of its some features rather than loading the entire apps. Only some features are not working. Google search bar is experiencing today maximum number of searcher type, why WhatsApp not working? Is WhatsApp being shut down? Is WhatsApp hacked? Why is WhatsApp not sending messages?  Maximum searcher asked about WhatsApp issue. This problem become hot topic for the users most of them have the opinion that Social media apps have hacked, most of them denied. But the fact is that the network issues were facing in these apps. However, the apps services is facing issues, Twitter said in a tweet that, we are working on a fix issues and will follow up our users as soon as we have an up-date for you, we apologies for the inconvenience.

We know that apps and websites are mostly going to experience occasional networking issues or disruptions due to its complicated and many services that they are offering us for our facility. It is fact that we are connected with these apps strongly we do our all work either personal or business purpose we need these apps to perform our tasks, no doubt these apps make our life easy, so if we sudden face any issue related to these apps we got stuck and try to resolve these issues as soon as possible to back our jobs.

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