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Why democracy?

This is the great debate in Pakistan that democracy is Islamic way of governance or it is against the true soul of Islam.
In the modern world the developed countries not only did experiments in science and technology but they also examine the different way of governance. Today America and Europe known as the world’s most developed regions even in world’s decision making they have the influence. These regions have experienced so many systems, England was the kingdom for  a long time even today The Queen Elizabeth have the authority to dismissed the parliament but she will never do this because she know the importance of people’s elected democratic  system. Same like England, In Spain and some other European countries Kings are present but the systematically the government is democratic.  Unfortunately in Muslim world only two or three Muslim countries have democracy.

We are just fighting to proof democracy as an Anti Islamic or Islamic system but we never observed that why the democratic America always support kingdoms in Muslim states and why America helps Martial Law dictators in Muslim countries. Take the example of Egypt where America openly supported General Al Seesi to take control on the Egypt and to dismiss the elected government of Egypt. Before the elected government of Akhwan-ul-Muslameen, Dictator Hussni Mubarak was the most favorite leader of Israel and America. In Muslim world the America always try to destroy democracy.
Now come to Pakistan where we have democracy but some people do not support it. Once Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was questioned that what would be the system of Pakistan, He answered “Pakistan will be the democratic state”. Someone ask him about democracy and he replied we (Muslims) have learnt the democracy 14,00 years before. He was indicating the era of Mohammad (peace be upon Him) where all the decision taken by the prophet was based on the suggestions of all the companions (sahaba-e-karaam) of Rasool-Allah.

This is the basic similarity between Islam and democracy where all the decision are based on the discussion where all members discuss the problem and all members provide suggestion to solve the problem. I don’t why people say the democracy is against Islam. Actually the dictatorship and Kingdoms are against Islam where the decision power is just belong to a single person.
But in democracy every elected member have the decision making power and that is why Democracy is the best system to rule.

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