4th February world cancer day


World cancer day marked every year on 4th February. The basic purpose to mark this day is to spread the awareness among the people about cancer because when we hear the name of disease “Cancer” we loss the hope that there is no cure of this disease. (UICC)  Union for International Cancer Control was initiated world cancer day. Cancer is also known as “malignant tumor”. It is commonly consider that tumor is the source or cause for the cancer but it is not necessary that all the tumors are cancerous. There are many types of cancer with many different causes and treatments. There are many things which cause for cancer and different symptoms appear according to the type of cancer. The patient of cancer is increasing day by day. Although the medical science developed at the time passes and it reach at the level of beyond imagination and it try to give the cure of every disease but on the other hand the ratio of diseases is increasing. This disease cause for the death of thousands people every year and still no cure has been discovered. If we are aware about this disease then luckily we can save our self by taking some precaution and treatment. Cancer grows very rapidly in the body but if the tumor is detected in the early stage then it can be treated. Cancer is a fatal disease so its treatment is so special and costly. The special treatment require high amount that not every patient of the cancer can manage to pay this amount. Cancer is become one of the major disease that leading the cause of death. Patients of cancer needs constant holding and moral support from their family because the treatment of this disease is time taking and depending on long process of treatment. In this long duration treatment they need their love one sincere with them. To mark world cancer day on every year has also this purpose of awareness that the patients of cancer needs a moral support and love that they fights against this disease and won the life from this killer disease.

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