World Kidney Day Marked on 13 March

World Kidney Day is observed on 2nd Thursday in the month of March annually. World Kidney Day (WKD) also marked on 13 March every year. WKD is a global awareness campaign. This Day started in 2006 and its growing hasn’t stop yet. Every year helpful events organized by many countries and promote its aim and its aim is very high that is to give the full awareness to the people worldwide. World Kidney Day (WKD) is a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundation (IFKF). World Kidney Day observed every year and the intention behind this day is to create awareness and share the information about kidney diseases.

World Kidney Day an important date

World Kidney Day an important date for those people who wanted to have the information about this disease. Millions of people affects by kidney disease worldwide. In these affected people children are also included and their lives at on risk. Some diseases are silent killer disease like Cancer, Aids, and many other and kidney disease is also a silent killer disease. These days like World Aids Day, World Cancer Day, World Kidney Day and many more the theme behind these days are to spread the awareness and information about these diseases.

In the world a lot of people affected by kidney diseases many of them lost their lives due to kidney failure. It is just due to not having the enough knowledge about kidney diseases. If a person aware about the disease and have enough information about kidney diseases than he can fight against this disease. World Kidney Day marked on March every year to spread the knowledge and important information about kidney and the disease that is causes to kidney failure. In many regions of the world a seminar, conferences, health camp and many other activities held to raise the awareness and speared the information about kidney. In these activates specialists, doctors and the people from concern field highlight the factors that causes for the kidney disease, they also give their free suggestions to the people and also describe the precautions that can protect from kidney disease. These kinds of camp give the lifeline to the people and they become aware about the diseases.

By marked this important date worldwide we can reduce the problems of disease. Although we cannot reduce this disease but we can make it ratio as less as we can. By celebrating any kind of important date concern to any disease we can save the lives of the patients who are facing the diseases through our little help through our knowledge which we share with them and the most important thing is that they have our moral supports and the moral support is the best thing in this world.

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