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World Water Day 22nd March

World Water Day celebrated on 22nd March annually. This Day was proposed by United Nations on 22nd March. This is according to the Agenda 21 of the United Nations. The first World Water Day was introduced by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993.

Importance of World Water Day

There is clear reason behind the mark of this day as the World Water Day. This sentence is enough to presents the importance of water “Water is Life” and it is true because water is very essential element and no living things can survive without water. Life begins from water and without water there is no concept of life. This important and life line element has greatest use in our lives. The ratio of population of the world is rising and we are facing various problems due to the shortage of natural resources the reason behind this shortage of natural resources is that we are not dealing and handling them properly.

Many countries of the world facing the problem of the shortage of water like Pakistan (Thar), India (Bicholim- Goa), China, Libya, South Africa, Brazil, Jordan, Kosovo and many other countries.

The problem of shortage of water is increasing day by day. It becomes essential to save the water and stop it by wasting.  It is only possible when we spread the knowledge about the importance of water and describe its importance to all over the world for this purpose United Nations has suggested to marked a special day as World Water Day on 22nd March every year. World Water Day vents are held in the various regions of the world to describe the importance of water. In every event the fundamental aim to organize the event is to give the information about the water that is precious. We should keep this life line element and do not waste it. We should save water because it is an important element of life.

World Water Day Theme 2016

World Water Day 2016 Theme would be “Water and Jobs”.

world water day 2016

World Water Day Theme

World Water Day has a different Theme every year. World Water Day     every year celebrated according to its theme.

  • World Water Day 2015 Theme “Water and Sustainable Development.
  • World Water Day 2014 Theme “Water and Energy”.
  • World Water Day 2013 Theme “Water Cooperation”
  • World Water Day 2012 Theme “Water and Food Security”.
  • World Water Day 2011 Theme “Water For Cities”.
  • World Water Day 2010 Theme “Clean water for a Healthy World”.
  • World Water Day 2009 Theme “Trans Waters”.
  • World Water Day 2008 Theme “Sanitation”.
  • World Water Day 2007 Theme “Coping with Water Scarcity”.
  • World Water Day 2006 Theme “Water and Culture”.
  • World Water Day 2005 Theme “Water For Life 2005-2015”.
  • World Water Day 2004 Theme “Water and Disasters”.
  • World Water Day 2003 Theme “Water For Future”.
  • World Water Day 2002 Theme “Water For Development”.
  • World Water Day 2001 Theme “Water for Health”.
  • World Water Day 2000 Theme “Water for the 21st Century”.
  • World Water Day 1999 theme “Everyone Lives Downstream”.
  • World Water Day 1998 Theme “Groundwater-The Invisible Resource”.
  • World Water Day 1997 Theme “The World’s Water: Is there enough?”
  • World Water Day 1996 Theme “Water for thirsty Cities”.
  • World Water Day 1995 Theme “Women and Water”.
  • World Water Day 1994 Theme “Caring for our Water Resources is Everybody’s Business”.
  • World Water Day 1993 Theme “Water for Cities”.

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