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World’s Top 10 Largest Air Forces

Air strike is an important part of the military action. In modern war fare air force is the back bone of the military strength. Air force protect the ground forces from air and destroyed the enemies before they attack. Air force can fight the war against enemies where ground forces can not approach. We observed in Afghan war where Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorist get shelter or being under cover in mountains the NATO and US forces do military strikes to destroyed their save heavens. Russia is also doing air strike against ISIS in Syria.

Top 10 Air force of the world according to their men power and aircraft are;


1- United States, United States Air force

US air force is the world’s most largest and strongest air force. He is known as the world’s best technologically advanced air force.

US air force has 332,854 active personnel and 5,484 aircraft and they make the US the strongest Air force in the world.

United States Air force

2- Russia, Russian Air force

The Russian air force is the world’s second largest air force having around 180,000 personnel and almost more than 4,274 Aircraft. President of Russian “President Vladimir Putin” is spending huge money for the air force.

russian air force

3- China, People’s Liberation Army Air Force

China is the world’s 3rd largest air force. It has now 330,000 active personnel and more than 2,500 aircraft. China is the also spending money to get advanced technology to get more military strength.china air force

4-India, Indian Air Force

Indian Air force is the world’s 4th largest Air force. They have around 127,000 workers and approximately 1,370 Aircraft. Indian Air force is among those country which have Aircraft carriers which give them advantage over Pakistan.

Indian Air Force

5-North Korea, Korean People’s Air Force

The Korean People’s Air Force has 1,500 aircraft and 110,000 personnel who make North Korea the fifth largest Air Force.

Korean People's Aor Force


6- Pakistan, Pakistan Air Force

With almost 65,000 active personnel and approximately 902 aircraft Pakistan Air force is world’s sixth largest air force.

Pakistan Air Force


7- Turkey, Turkish Air Force

Turkey is the second strongest Islamic military power after Pakistan. Turkish Air force is world’s seventh largest Air force. It has 60,000 personnel and 736 Aircraft.

turkish Air force


8- United Kingdom, Royal Air Force

The world’s oldest Air force, but today Royal Air force is at number seven. Royal Air force has almost 40,000 personnel and approx 827 aircraft.

Royal Air force

9- Japan, Air Self Defense Force

791  Aircraft and 45,000 personnel make Japan the world’s ninth Largest Air Force.

Japan Air Self Defense Force

10-Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force

Iran is 3rd largest air force in Muslim world after Pakistan and Turkey. Iran has  52,000 active personnel and 500 Aircraft which makes Iran world’s 10th largest air force.

Iran Air Force


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