Youngest Entrepreneur of Pakistan Zymal Umar
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Youngest Entrepreneur of Pakistan Zymal Umar

Pakistan is the country of the talented people and no doubt we have the plenty of talent in our country. Talented people are waiting or the opportunities to show their abilities some of them find the opportunity and some of them remain in the waiting category. Some people never wait for the right circumstances they just take the decision and involved their skill their passion make them successful in their work. Here I am going to share a success story of a 9 years old girl who won the title of Youngest Entrepreneur of Pakistan Zymal Umar.

Zymal Umar is a student of Beacon House School System Sargodha, she is in grade 4. At the age of 6 years she disheartened to see the plastic bags lying on the streets and roads of her city, she wish for her city Sargodha and country Pakistan neat and clean and greener. She has the aim to serve the poor and helpless people of Pakistan, struggling to provide the poor and helpless a shelter and support them to uplifting their lives.

She began gathering the newspapers and from these newspapers at home she is making environment friendly bags. The bags which she made at home in the start she sells these bags to her relatives and also at fairs. The profit she earns by selling the bags use to help the orphans living at the SOS village. She said that we must not forget that millions of people who are suffering from the poverty and ignorance, we also not forget   that millions of children that are out of the schools although they wish to go schools but they can’t go. We must help them they are waiting for our help.

Zymal umar bags zee bags

The youngest entrepreneur of Pakistan Zymal Uamr has the brilliant mind her thinking is very constructive, she says that she doesn’t wish to protect the environment, she wish to generate a world where the environment needs no protection. She Says if the trees gave off Wi-Fi signal then we should plant so many trees, it is really too bad that the trees only produce the oxygen that we breathe.

The use of plastic bags can stop if we use paper bags instead of plastic bags, plastic bags are not useful as these bags are affecting our health, block sewerage system and also cause of the environmental pollutions. Zymal Umar has the plans to expand her ideas to a wider level. The youngest entrepreneur of Pakistan Zymal Umar desires that everyone make paper bags at their home and in schools and share these bags with her that she will sell those bags at the shops and malls and the profit that she earns will use for the charity purposes, the most preferable is for underprivileged children.

Many of us don’t know about the Zymal Umar but the fact is that she is an honor for Pakistan because she won the title of “Youngest Entrepreneur of Pakistan” at the very young age.

Zymal Umar was awarded by the “Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah International Award” in category of “Children Pioneer Award” in the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In this award many entrepreneurs from the different countries have participated Zymal Umar was the only Pakistani amongst all of them.

Youngest Entrepreneur of Pakistan Zymal Umar

Zymal Umar hasn’t only one award she also participated in the Tie’s Startup Cup Pakistan 2016. She was awarded by the youngest Startup/ entrepreneurship Award.

Zymal Umar Tie's Award holder

In Pakistan by the Federal Secretary of Education Zymal Umar also awarded with a Gold Medal.

Zymal Umar youth award

The youngest Entrepreneur of Pakistan Zymal Umar is honor for us and we should support her she has the great aim we should join with her to promote her ideas, she is trying to make Pakistan neat and clean and greener we should connect with her to make her dream neat and clean and greener Pakistan come true.


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